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Countryside Conservation Office

Lai Chi Wo Hing Chun Yeuk Festival

Held every ten years, Da Chiu is one of the oldest traditional festivals in the Lai Chi Wo area. It celebrates the collaboration among villages in Hing Chuen Yeuk during difficult times in history. In addition to traditional performance and poon choi feast, art works and artistic programmes were initiated to draw public attention, as well as create renewed communities in the area.

What We Did:
- Engaged artists in the conceptualization and production of outdoor artworks

- After site-research, our artists proposed works that highlight the man-land relationship in Lai Chi Wo area

- The three works include: Bird-house installation in So Lo Pun, Fabric installation in Mui Tze Lam, and Wooden frame installation in Sam A

Lai Chi Wo Village Cluster, Plover Clover Reservoir

Dec, 2019 - Jan, 2020

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