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Crafts on Peel

Japanese Crafts Research Trip

Crafts on Peel (CoP) is a charitable organization to revive, reinterpret and perpetuate traditional craftsmanship by fostering collaborations between traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans.

We were engaged as a consultant to liaise between CoP and some Japanese traditions artisans for two thematic exhibitions on metal and ceramics. It started off with a research trip in Japan, where CoP was toured around Niigata and Kyushu to visit traditional crafts workshops and modern manufacturers to understand the history and development of crafts in Japan. Solid relationships were built with the Japanese artisans for further collaboration.

Thereafter, we continue to coordinate between the parties, and brought the works of 3 artisans to be showcased at the thematic exhibition Creations Enlivened: Metal. A separate exhibition on ceramics is in the pipeline.

What We Did:
- Planned and organised an 11-day research trip to over 30 prominent metalwork and ceramics workshops in Japan

- Professional translation and tour guide services were provided on the trip

- Liaised between CoP and Japanese artisans for preparation of the exhibition - CREATIONS ENLIVENED: METAL

- Consultation on contractual matters regarding the loan and exhibition of art works for the exhibition

- Consultation on business procedures within the Japanese craft industry

- Professional translation of printed materials

Niigata and Kyushu, Japan


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