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Noise to Voice

Founded in 2016, we work closely with purposeful individuals or cultural groups to facilitate artistic creation, production, distribution and enjoyment that deliver sustained conversations about cultures.


We work with anyone who has an art and cultural project on hand or in mind. Past clients and partners include galleries, museums, auction houses, art festivals, education institutions among others.


We provide in-depth courses in hybrid learning mode to open up cultural enquiry.
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Cultural Tours

Art festivals, monuments, food - experience places and things of cultural significance with guides and study.
(Tours are back once everyone is safe.)

Coming soon

Art Projects

Making with creativity is an act of cultural conversation. 

Upcoming: Loei Art Fes, Loei, Thailand
| 23.07-01.08.2021

Coming soon


We believe that cultural awareness rests on accumulated knowledge, built through continuous research, discussion and honest review. Our passion drives us to introduce a series of initiatives for education and public engagement.

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One-stop PR consulting services to identify and spread your message.

Public Relations
and Marketing

Plan and liaise cross-boundary programmes. Covers Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.


Design tours, talks, courses and activities across different media to enable cultural immersion.


Converting your concepts into action plans. Manages and executes.

Event and Exhibition

Design and install exhibitions with customised graphic, sound, music and multimedia elements. 

Multimedia Design
and Production

Translation in the following languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Thai.